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The Gray Ribs

By Mark A Thomaas PBE Games Generic Hexed Places are outdoor locations and encounters based on the classic six-mile hex format and OSR sensibilities. Use these locales as a quick side adventure, to fill out your campaign sandbox, or expand … Continue reading

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(5e) Rats of Waterdeep

By Lysa Chen, Will Doyle Self Published 5e Levels 1 Solve a brutal crime on the mean streets of Waterdeep in this madcap companion adventure for Xanathar’s Guide to Everything! This 29 page city adventure is fun. Modeled on a … Continue reading

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Under the Temple Crypt

By Extildepo Verisimilitude Society Press Swords & Wizardry 4-7 This dungeon assumes that there is a temple somewhere with a mysterious walled-in doorframe in the basement crypt. The walled-in doorframe predates the temple itself and leads to ancient subterranean structures … Continue reading

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The Dragons Secret

By Jennell Jaquays Fifth Wall Games & Miniatures Swords & Wizardry Levels 5-7 The Dragon’s Secret centers on a mystery from the past: villagers invited a gold dragon to bless and protect the region with her presence… for a little … Continue reading

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