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(5e) The Claws of Madness

By Chris van der Linden LoreSmyth 5E Level 1 For centuries, Aelmor Monastery near the port town of Sestone was a safe haven for scholars, monks, and pilgrims seeking enlightenment, its renowned library home to an enormous collection of ancient … Continue reading

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Nightstone Keep

By Ed Greenwood Frog God Games S&W Levels 4-6 The characters will be able to explore the ruins of the keep, which have become a plant colony, and attempt to wrest a powerful treasure from the clutches of the araunglyd, … Continue reading

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Caverns of Ambuscade

By Davis Chenault Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Levels 5-6 The silver mines run deep under the Unterbrook, unearthed by the clever hands of man and dwarf and the wealth has flowed like never before. But such wealth tends … Continue reading

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Beneath the Ruins of Firestone Keep

By M. T. Black, GM Lent, Dave Zajac Self Published 5e Levels 1-3 Lord Blackmoor’s son has been kidnapped, and is being held in the crypts beneath an ancient fortress. Can our heroes rescue the boy before he is sacrificed … Continue reading

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