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Santa Fe Starport

By Venger Satanis Kort’thalis Publishing Alpha Blue/Generic This 34 page “adventure” is actually a regional setting with a few event ideas. On a ruined earth the starport in Santa Fe still exists,hence the post-apoc and Alpha Blue/spaceships crossover. It’s got … Continue reading

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The City of Talos

By L. Kevin Watson Fat Goblin Games 1e Levels 8-10 Talos, a city of legend, focus of tales dating back to the First Age of Man—exotic and forbidden. Buried deep in the Formene, this lone gem of the subterranean realms … Continue reading

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Mission to Thay: Nethwatch Keep

By Jon Gilliam Self Published 5e Level 12-15 Here is the Episode 8 that Rise of Tiamat should have contained! Thay in all it’s horrid and far-reaching power and might. A society dark, alien, at odds with itself, and at … Continue reading

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