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(5e) Yearning for Adventure

By Frank Schmidt Self Published 5e Level 1 A religious festival in the nearby town of Saratoga is the spot your introductory level PCs have opted to begin their careers. With so many people coming to the festival the group … Continue reading

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Wyrd Ways of Walstock

By Dan Osarchuk OSRDAN Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 ‘Wyrd’ things are afoot. This town might seem like your ordinary, post-apocalyptic-now-turned-fantasy locale, but it is not! Fell Cults have begun to take over and it is up to the brave … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #150

I made it. I fucking made it! I’m not proud of the lack of analysis some of these adventures got, but, fuck man, THEY SUCK. Kill Bargle By Jason Bulmahn Level 3 WoW! A non-shitty adventure in the final issue! … Continue reading

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