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These Violent Delights

By Darvin Martin The Design Mechanism Mythras Levels 1-2 When the son of an elven noblewoman goes missing, the characters are recruited by the Lady Nuathyn to find him, leading the party from the town of Gramby and into the … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #146

Escape from Meenlock Prison By Tim Connors & Eileen Connors Level 1 It’s rare I find a morally repugnant adventure. (And maybe interesting what I put in that category …) A hot fucking mess of an adventure with one redeeming … Continue reading

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House of Flowers

By Christopher Audette Five Cataclysms Five Cataclysms “Mid-level” In a warm place sits a mansion made entirely of many-hued flowers, their vines forming the unnatural architecture of mankind. The house grew around two entities, the Heart of Eternity, and the … Continue reading

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