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Eyes of the Stone Thief

By Gareth Hanrahan Pelgrane Press 13th Age Levels 4-8 Can you kill the dungeon before it kills you? In 13th Age, living dungeons slither up through the underworld and invade the surface lands. The Stone Thief is the most ancient … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #94

Bloodlines By Luke Johnson 3e Level 7 A simple dungeon-crawl with betrayal at the end. My life is a living fucking hell. MASSIVE read alouds. Almost seven full pages before room one. Irrelevant maps. A wall of force that can … Continue reading

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The Gnomes of Levnec

By Zzarchov Kowolski Neoclassical Geek Revival …There are older things in these forests too; the knights did not just battle the pagan kings of man but also the forest dwellers; the wodewose. Spend too long in any tavern or listen … Continue reading

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The Lair of Drecallis

By Rich Maffei Expeditious Retreat Press OSRIC Levels 4-7 For a second year in a row, Drecallis has not appeared on the appointed day to collect her tribute from the people of Longridge. Is the terrible beast dead? Or has … Continue reading

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