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The Devil's Spine

by Monte Cook Monte Cook Games Numenera First Tier It begins simply enough. Doesn’t it always? A nobleman’s estate needs tending in his absence. But what secrets lurk in its shadows? What deals has this man made with whispered voices … Continue reading

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DCC #82 – Bride of the Black Manse

by Harley StrohGoodman GamesDCCLevel 3 Centuries past, Lady Ilse ascended to scion of House Liis by trading the archdevil Mammon what he wanted most: her immortal soul – and a diabolical betrothal. The triumph proved hollow, for every year on … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #40

Song of the Fens by J. Bradley Schell AD&D Levels 1-3 This is an adventure in a swamp to find a tavern-girls anonymous singing love interest. I must have gotten soft during my vacation; the core idea doesn’t suck. While … Continue reading

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