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RD1 – Tale of the Ruby Dragon

by N. Alan Patterson Pacesetter Games & Simulations AD&D 2E Levels 1-5 This is a journey through a swamp to a wizards home, and then an adventure inside of it. It is the craziest product I have ever ever seen. … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #18

These early Dungeons seem rife with the Wall of Text issue. Far, far too many times the wall of text doesn’t add anything useful to help the DM run the adventure and is simply useless background and history. This ends … Continue reading

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Contest Winners! Bryce’s 2013 Adventure Design Contest is OVER!

  Contest Over! Entries Read! Reviews Written! Post Contest Analysis … NOW! I was really disappointed with the context entires. Given the timeframes involved I really expected a different level of quality. Instead I got a bunch of adventures in … Continue reading

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DCC #77 – The Croaking Fane

by Michael Curtis Goodman Games DCC RPG Level 3 For as long as men remember, the Lord of Evil Amphibians carried out unspeakable rites in his squatting temples situated far from civilization. Tales of human sacrifice, squirming servants, and rich … Continue reading

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