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(Pathfinder) Haunting of Harrowstone

By: Michael Kortes Paizo Pathfinder Level 1 When Harrowstone Prison burned to the ground, prisoners, guards, and a host of vicious madmen met a terrifying end. In the years since, the nearby town of Ravengro has shunned the fire-scarred ruins, … Continue reading

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(Pathfinder/5e) The Ties that Bind

By Michael Allen AAW Games Pathfinder Level 6 Still reeling from the twin disasters of the Great Schism and the Hoyrall Wars, the halfings of Picollo are a people cast adrift from ancient traditions. A cleric of the Great Mother … Continue reading

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Desecration & Damnation

By Davis Chenault Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Levels 4-6 All along the banks of the Vindig River people worshipped the river goddess. She blessed the people and kept the trolls at bay. But in time, she grew weary … Continue reading

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Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes

By Jeffrey Talanian North Wind Adventures Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Level 2-4 Somewhere in the depths of Diamond Desert lie the skeletal remains of Ymir’s Serpent, a legendary Viking longship. In days of yore, Sigtrygg Forkbeard led his … Continue reading

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The Beast That Waits

By Curtis Lyon Three Sages Games Swords & Wizardry Levels 1-3 Welcome to Graven, a quiet and peaceful little hamlet. Or is it? The Baron hasn’t come down from his keep in three years. Bandits and worse have been stalking … Continue reading

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The Cruellest Mistress of All

By John R. Davis Self Published OSR Level 4 A frustratingly organized sixty-five multi-part adventure, which is in turn part of a campaign arc. A divination, followed by an unrelated orc attack on the town, followed by a tower exploration, … Continue reading

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The Gnomes of Levnec

By Zzarchov Kowolski Neoclassical Geek Revival …There are older things in these forests too; the knights did not just battle the pagan kings of man but also the forest dwellers; the wodewose. Spend too long in any tavern or listen … Continue reading

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Vault of the Faceless Giants

By Richard LeBlanc Jr. New Big Dragon Games Unlimited Labyrinth Lord Level 1-3 In a jungle village a complains that her baby has been taken. A lot of the villagers think she abandoned it in the jungle or a tiger … Continue reading

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For Sale – Almost everything

Please forgive my rather crass marketing. I’m transitioning to a being of pure thought and as such need to get rid of some things. I’m selling most of my physical RPG collection (Stupid Marie Kondo!) along with my wife getting … Continue reading

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The Best Adventure Ever – 500 Reviews

Ye old Internets declares that my review blog is now four years old. I figure I’ve read and written reviews for about 1,100 adventures, if I include One-pagers and Dungeon Magazine. WordPress and RPGgeek think I just hit 500 reviews. … Continue reading

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