Poll Time!

I try to minimize the non-review posts, but since I’m nothing if not a hypocrite …

I think I’m going to do some reviews of non-OSR adventures. Maybe older published stuff, maybe newer 3.x or modern era stuff. Almost certainly HEAVILY weighted to fantasy. Older & Newer DCC, Pathfinder, the shit-fest that was D20, re, etc. I’ve been collecting Dungeon Magazines lately and may review the adventures in them also.

Would you rather see these sort of reviews in the main page/feed or would you rather I keep the main feed/page “OSR” and put the non-OSR adventures on a separate page/feed?

Go take the damn poll.


Oh, and at 10:00am Thursday next week I’ll be picking up my pre-order of the first 5e adventure, Ghosts of Dragonspsear Castle. Then I’ll be hitting the OSR booth, Frog God, Trolls, IPR, and others. Expect to see a photo of the massive pile of irrational consumerism run rampant. err… adventures. That should replenish the review pile and get things moving around here again.



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