The Midnight Duke

Precis Intermedia
Dark Albion

Taking control of the Debateable Lands, the Midnight Duke and his followers spread darkness and Chaos. Whether sent to investigate claims of dark powers by the Clerical Order or ordered to stop the threat at all costs by a rival lord, the PCs are sure to meet trouble in this open-ended scenario.

Well fuck me. 0 for 2 this week.

This seventeen page “adventure” details a couple of evil NPC’s and lightly outlines a situation. In a lawless border region an evil dude has taken over while everyone else is busy in a civil war. There’s some nobleman who might hire the party to go kill the dude. The dude has three followers and a duke of hell lives in his keep. The local villagers don’t really support him, but are beaten down.

It takes Pundit seventeen pages to outline this. Lots of history and background, if you are bored and can’t sleep.


There’s a crowd that says something like “it’s art if the creator says its art,”


Unless I pay fucking money for it. Then I’ve been ripped off. And I’m bitter.

The gang is coming over in a few hours and you go to DriveThru to buy an adventure to run. That’s my bar. “There are some evil dudes on the border and a demon” don’t cut it.

This is $3 at DriveThru. It has a four page quick preview that shows you nothing.

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4 Responses to The Midnight Duke

  1. Bigby's Affirmative Consent Lubed Fist says:

    Now, Bryce, this review is all well and good, but I’d be willing to bet actual folding money that Pundejo would give it a better review himself.

  2. Melan says:

    I bought one of the other issued called “Last Sun: Gazetter of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands”. The title is good bait; I love the Wilderlands setting. It is advertised as follows:

    “From the annals of the RPGPundit’s (in)famous Last Sun gonzo fantasy campaign, this supplement focuses on the Middle-Northern Wilderlands. This is home to tiny groups of human survivors that were devastated by a zombie outbreak, the Rose Dome populated with Hipster Elves (see issue 4), cannibal halflings, and more. Also included is a table of 75 0-level professions for Dwarf, Hipster Elf, Human Survivor, and Feral Halfling characters.”

    In 11 pages with a very generous font size, the gazetteer gives you:

    1 page with the cover
    1 page with the credits
    1 page about the campaign area proper,
    3 pages worth of a 0-level profession table
    3 pages explaining various entries on the same table (like what an Elven Wiccan does)
    1 page with an ad for Dark Albion
    1 page with the OGL

    I have lost more than two bucks on useless game materials. This, though, stung. Or was that stunk?

  3. timsbrannan says:

    Yeah, let me repeat that, thanks for the warning.

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