Dungeon Magazine Summary: Issues 76-100

Dungeon 76
Fruit of the Vine featured a house overrun by a vine creeper. The core of the encounters were good but WAAAYYYY too much text.

Some folks like Mertymane’s Road. I found the terrain and weather effects tedious and unfun, and others thought they were great.

Dungeon 77
Visiting Tylwyh is a low key but fanciful affair that’s quite charming. Nicely evocative descriptions … and a lot of text that is not.

Feast of Flesh has great Aliens vibe with creatures burrowing up in to a village. Needs a few events, but a decent side trek.

Dungeon 78
Peer Amid the Waters is an actually GOOD adventure, and not even by Dungeon standards! An underwater mystery that DOESN’T suck, isn’t DM torture porn, and is full of mystery and wonder!

Dungeon 79
Keep for Sale is a nice little adventure with overland and dungeon adventures, factions, and a lot to interact with. Charming with a lot of possibilities.

The Best Laid Plans, a side-trek, gets an award of special merit for being, I think, the only side trek adventure in Dungeon magazine that actually fulfills the mission of a side-trek.

Dungeon 80
Trouble with Trillochs has a lair and environment that feels more alien than most dungeon. Not great, but better than usual.

The Scar was a dungeon built in the magazines Dungeoncraft articles. Better than most, but still wordy.

Dungeon 81
A Race against Time is an urban adventure with convoluted setup that tests disbelief. But it’s full of chaos and is a little silly. A personal favorite, even if it is convoluted. Goes to show what a hypocrite I am.

Astar’s Temple is has a nice layout for exploring a dungeon room variety in the encounters.

Dungeon 82
Eye for an Eye is great photocopy/highlighter fodder, with depth not usually found in low level adventures.

Dungeon 83
Depths of Rage was a favorite from when I was young. A goblin cave with lots of the cave features and height changes, that then undergoes an earthquake when you’re inside, making it harder to get out/different challenges. Me Still Like.

Dungeon 84
The Harrowing is, I think, the first of the linear combat-fest adventures in Dungeon. So, special award for ruining D&D, Monte.

The Dyng of the Light has a great background/complications/map/variety and vampires to boot! I like this, but it seems impossible to run without a rewrite.

Armistice has the party playing peacemaker in a valley full of factions and is quite sandboxy. Needs more specifics in a couple of area, more flavor.

Dungeon 85
I go back & forth on Ever Changing Fortunes. Lots of nice bits buried in the bloat of a monster zoo dungeon.

Dungeon 87
Raider of Galath’s Roost has a great first half and then one of the worst wall of text problems I’ve ever seen in the second half.

Dungeon 88
Thirds of Purloined Vellum was a decent investigation adventure in a city with good organization and street life encounters.

Make it Big was a small side-trek where the party is blackmailed in to servitude by some hill giants. Nice premise and good details in places. Not stellar, but good by Dungeon standards.

Dungeon 90
Elfwhisperer, padded beyond belief, has good imagery and motivations while searching the woods for bandits and encountering cursed elves.

Totentanz has a nice folklore vibe and haunted forest thing going on … until it falls down by becoming a boring wizards keep.

Dungeon 94
Worms in the Exchequer is TERRIBLE … but it is complete farce. Does a good job of setting a farcical tone … and then ruins it with the adventure.

Dungeon 95
The Witch of Serpent’s Bridge is workmanlike, not being loathsome or particularly standout. It needs just a little bit more to push it in to good territory.

Dungeon 96
Pandemonium in the Veins is worth the trouble, i think, to dig through. Player driven, events, lots going on. Some gimpy shit also, but that can be worked out.

Dungeon 97
Heart of the Iron God needs more color and a mad prune down, but provides a nice environment, an assault on a moving giant iron golem, and does a lot right.

Demonblade had some good imagery in the investigation of a slaughtered village, but then sucked when it got to the meat of the adventure in part two.

Dungeon 99
Fish Story has some social elements to it, but isn’t quite a faction adventure. Finding something to like in these issues near ‘100’ has been difficult.

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  1. Commodore says:

    Wasn’t “Chasing the Snake” in the 90s? I had a good experience with that, albeit I broke the canyon into pieces to make it nonlinear.

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