CSM7 – The Darkest Pit


by Bill Barsh
Pacesetter Games & Center Stage Miniatures
Levels 7-9

This adventure is a tie-in with a line of demon mini’s from Center Stage. This is a simple 30 room demon prison with a hub/spoke layout. The party is sent in to kill the demons since the magical wards that hold them in place are weakening.

There are some hints: the pit fiend section has pits in it. The Type V section has a lot of sword art. The type VI section has a flaming sword. My favorite part is a large group of manes that rush out when the the party is trying to open a door. I find that amusing. There are the usual murals of good battling evil and a jumping from pillar to pillar room, and an anti-gravity pit. Generally it’s not much that hasn’t been seen before and there’s little to lift.

There’s not much to this review. That’s because there’s not much to this adventure. Let me give you an example. In one room there’s a transparent casket filled with a pink swirling gas. It does nothing. That’s both an opportunity lost and an amount of detail that is unusual for the adventure.

I need inspiration that I can riff off of during play. This isn’t it.

This is available on DriveThru.


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One Response to CSM7 – The Darkest Pit

  1. Bill Barsh says:

    I know Bryce mentioned this, but this module was strictly a give-away for those who participated in the Demons & Devils Kickstarter project. It was designed more as a “starter” sort of adventure, and I struggled with bulking it up and reducing the actual number of demons to be encountered (I was up against a page count). I opted for more demons and thinner encounter areas. But I do think you have plenty of opportunity for some TPK action. A significantly expanded version will be out next year. As always, I appreciate the review and time spent. Regardless of the review result, all criticism, good or bad, is more than welcome!

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