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She who is a fortress in Dark Water, adventure review

By Phillip Loe Chaptain Ahab’s Leg OSR Levels 5-10 Persevering through years of sweat and failure, Mother Cordelia Giovanni of the Ignacian Monastic Order finally succeeded in her great work—the creation of a human baby whose spine, once the baby … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Twilight Queen, 5e adventure review

By M.T. Black M.T. Black Games 5e Level 3 Centuries ago, the Twilight Queen reigned over the most powerful empire in the world. But her realm now lies in ruins, her people are scattered, and her remains are buried in … Continue reading

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The Goblins Lair

By Tony Garcia Voxelhouse B/X Levels 1-3 Constant attacks have been carried out in the forest region near Holyrock. The small town of Taveiro Village was raided by a group of Goblins that are plundering the agricultural region near the … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Misty Island

By Rodrigo Oliveira O Mochileiro Shard Swords & Sinister Spells “Try to survive” A long time ago, an ancient civilization inhabited the world. Nothing is known about them, except for the ancient scriptures that they left. They used an ancestral … Continue reading

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