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The Temple of the Bear

John Fredericks Sharp Mountain Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 5-8 Explore the TEMPLE OF THE BEAR in hopes of rescuing a hostage. There they will confront an evil wizard and his minions who hope to bring back a forgotten, evil cult. … Continue reading

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The Mud King of Stoney Creek

By WR Beatty Rosethorn Publishing S&W Levels 5-7 Beavers have dammed up Stoney Creek… but the villagers who went to break up the dam have not returned. Perhaps something sinister is going on here? This nineteen page adventure details a … Continue reading

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(5e) The Convent of the Weeping Moon

by Nick Smith Black Arts 5e Levels 4+ On a misty hill, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, lies the blasted ruins of a long-forgotten Convent. A village living under the shadow of the darkened moon. … Continue reading

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