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The Beholder Contracts

By David Whiteland Fantasy Chronicles #3 AD&D Level 3 Eight pages of four column tiny font from an obscure Irish(!) rpg magazine from the 80’s that is ALSO a favorite of Kent? Sign me up! I finally tracked down a … Continue reading

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The Palace of the King Under the Water

By W. R. Beatty Rosethorn Publishing S&W Levels …? Mid to high? Long forgotten by the people of the Rosewood Highlands, these ruins, now called Blackfalls Hall, have become the palace of the mysterious King Under the Water. […] What … Continue reading

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The Darkness Beneath Dalentown

By Tim & Matthew Bannock Self Published S&W Levels 8-12 … Spurred by stories of restless spirits, the party soon finds themselves staring down an invading force of oozes, slimes, puddings, and jellies all in the service of demons! Worse … Continue reading

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Pyramid of the Lost King

By Johua De Santo Genius Loci games S&W Levels 1-5 Millions of year ago the lands of Usarm were devastated by a great Cataclysm in the final days of the war between the Gods of Usa’arm and the demonish threat … Continue reading

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