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The Wizard of Bald Mountain

By Ken Goudsward Dimensionfold Games Goldensword/Generic Entry Level Our adventurers are commissioned by the Jarl of Connaught to investigate strange weather phenomenon at Bald Mountain. The Jarl also sends his personal mage to accompany them. I don’t even know where … Continue reading

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Desecration & Damnation

By Davis Chenault Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Levels 4-6 All along the banks of the Vindig River people worshipped the river goddess. She blessed the people and kept the trolls at bay. But in time, she grew weary … Continue reading

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Gravelbeard’s Quest

By Lyndsey Stern Loremasters 5e Levels 1-3 Take your adventurers on a daunting quest through a dangerous, uncharted cave system to discover the mystery behind the missing city guards. Will they emerge victorious or become yet another group swallowed by … Continue reading

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