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The Shrine of Fallen Angels

By WR Beatty Rosethrone Publishing S&W The faithful will sometimes make a pilgrimage to pray at the Shrine of the Fallen Angels. Legends tell of angelic visitations and miracles. Certainly there is more to this shrine than simply a place … Continue reading

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(5e) Whispers from the Void

By Benoit de Bernardy, Richard Jansen-Parks, JVC Parry LoreSmyth 5e Level 4 After enjoying many long decades of peace, the small port town of Sestone has found itself at the heart of a mystery that threatens the entire region – … Continue reading

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The Midnight Duke

RPGpundit Precis Intermedia Dark Albion Mid-Level Taking control of the Debateable Lands, the Midnight Duke and his followers spread darkness and Chaos. Whether sent to investigate claims of dark powers by the Clerical Order or ordered to stop the threat … Continue reading

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