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Incursion of the Chained Devils

By Jeremy Raedan Self-Published 1e Levels 5-7 Three nights ago, strange lights and screams were heard from the local temple of Ishtar (or equivalent in your game, perhaps Loviatar, Xochiquetzal, or even Dionysus.). Most of the lower level priestesses fled. … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #85

Ever-Changing Fortunes By Peter Zollers 3e Level 2 This monster circus (bandits, kobolds, trogs, drow) has several nice little bits going for it. It’s got the usual issues with a lack of focus in the DM text bloating it with … Continue reading

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Things to NOT check out …

Sometimes I buy things and they are not what what I expect and/or don’t warrant their own separate review. I’d been shelving this stuff, but just now ran in to two in a row. Better to jot down a note … Continue reading

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