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KS1 – Tower of Skulls

By Dave Olson Cut to the Chase Games Swords & Wizardry/Pathfinder/5E/Savage Levels 10-12 Death and darkness has risen from churned black soil! A festering evil returns to the land, spreading a palpable fear to all in its area. A brave … Continue reading

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The Inadvertent Wizard

By Richard Kropp Basic D&D, OSRIC, LL, etc Self Published Levels 4-5 A relaxing evening at the Virulent Flask leads to your next adventure when the locals take up a collection to hire some heroes. It seems an ugly beast … Continue reading

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DDAL4-1 Suits of the Mists.

Welcome to The Sunday Suck! This occasional feature will review D&D Adventurers League scenarios. I promise to rename the series as soon as WOTC publishes a decent AL adventure. And if that takes too long I may lower my standard … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #76

Guess who doesn’t like enforced morality and railroads! That’s right! Me! I usually try to separate bad ideas and/or bad work from the people who created them. A person isn’t bad, they just did something ill-advised. I’m also a hypocrite. … Continue reading

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