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Dungeon Magazine #51

Nbod’s Room by Jeff Crook AD&D Levels 1-2 This adventures does what few can: marry a location to events to make it seem “like a living place. Well Done! A haunted room in an inn has teleporters to several other … Continue reading

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The Tomb of the Sea Kings

by Lawson Bennett & Jimm Johnson Scribes of Sparn D&D Levels 5+ After a successful plunder of the Urchinn Isles, a well deserved night of drinking is in order, during such you trade stories with a local “antique dealer” who … Continue reading

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Cave of the Cybersteed

by Raul De La Garza III Metamorphosis Alpha / Mutant Future In the quiet and unsuspecting village of Ek-Wyne, the residents go about their daily and mundane tasks not realizing that a terror from above has come to call. One … Continue reading

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