The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep

By J
New Realms Publishing
Levels 1-3

Once a dwarven stronghold guarding the Great Trade Road, the Grimhold Keep has fallen into ruin.  Rumors claim, though, that an extensive network of tunnels and chambers exists beneath the ruins.  Home to all manner of horrors and traps, the dungeons are also said to house the hoarded wealth of marauding bandits and monsters.  Only a brave party of adventurers can survive the dangers to discover the truth. Enter the depths of Grimhold Keep in search of gold, glory and adventure.  But beware, the denizens of the dark depths are a danger to all who dare to enter their domain.  And there are rumors of a new power rising, one that bears the symbol of the crowned skull.

Who the fuck recommended this thing to me? The background has nothing to do with the adventure. This is HeroQuest.

You draw a card to determine the room shape. You draw a card to determine the monster in the room. When you search it you draw a card to see what you found. I hate my fucking life.

Here’s your room :“Numerous narrow tunnels pierce the far wall of this large room. Bones, rags and rusted arms litter the floor.” Numerous. That’s fun, right?

Here’s your monster: “A clicking sound fills the air as a large, multi-colored centipede scuttles into view” Large and multi-coloured. I’m astounded at the wonder and majesty. 

Man, I just wanna play a good game of D&D. Someone? Anyone? I’m gonna go get fucked up. Make sure and join my Patreon for loads more interesting and informative reviews like this.

This is $3.50 at DriveThru. There is no full sized preview, alas. How can I make a purchasing decision without a preview? Oh, Lament!

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3 Responses to The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep

  1. Dave says:

    From the link provided:

    “Based on the Universal Adventure module of the same name, the adventure includes 9 Adventure cards, each with a thumbnail map, description and notes, 9 Encounter cards, with full stats, 9 Event cards, 9 Search cards and 18 Treasure cards. Written for Labyrinth Lord ™ and similar RPGs, the adventure can be played solo or with a group, with or without a GM. The adventure is highly re-playable and the cards can be combined with those from other adventures to create your own adventures.”

    If you were expecting an adventure I sympathize, and I do not see myself purchasing that for any reason, but they do tell you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You got me again. Bad reviews are more fun to read it seems

  3. BoredWithBryceBullShitReviews says:

    Try reading the description next time dumbass before downloading

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