A Single, Small Cut

By Michael Curtis
Level 3

“Human greed meeting weird horror with a quite messy outcome.”

This is one encounter padded out to eleven pages. You can’t write something good when it’s padded out like that. 

Some dudes have cloudkilled everyone in a small church and stuffed their bodies in the crypt below. Fake priest is upstairs while some dudes loot the crypts. Party wanders in. Priest ambushes them with four extra dudes in the choir loft. Then a monster bursts out of the crypt stairs, having killed the dudes below. 

That’s your eleven pages. 

It’s like one of those Dungeon Magazine Side Trek adventures. Except this one is eleven pages long.

Yess, Killface, we can never go back to Arizona. 

Why even try anymore?

This is $2 at DriveThru. The preview is two pages, the title page and the FIRST page of background. You get to see nothing of the adventure. It’s got 23 reviews and four stars. Whatever.


Hey, you like seeing this shit? Neither do I. There’s a Patreon link to support me. I wouldn’t use it, but, hey, whatever you want.


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16 Responses to A Single, Small Cut

  1. Anonymous says:

    <3 U Bryce

  2. Jordan says:

    Michael Curtis? Of Stonehell fame (as far as OSR “fame” is a thing)? Color me quite surprised.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ha I read that as A Single Small Cat.

    • Bryce Lynch says:

      We should not judge what Prince does in the privacy of his own bedroom with Michael Curtis photos.

    • PrinceofNothing says:

      It was an early review, I think I’d bump it down to *** now but it was nowhere bad or that padded.. I’m concerned how anyone can call A Single Small Cut a Do Not Buy but No Rest For the Wicked a No Regerts.

      • Edgewise says:

        Hmm, Prince also like the extremely flabby Zak Had Nothing To Do With This Book. Methinks he has a special appreciation for the old “Padded Raggi.”

      • My disgusting perversion for husky adventures is brought unabashed into the light of day. Woe! I am unmasked by Edgewise, no doubt an agent of the perfidious anti-Raggi conspiracy.
        I am much more critical now then when I started, it’s the reason I redid several Lotfp reviews, many of my earliest ones, since my frame of reference has grown.
        ZHNTDWTD was…okay? Maybe I have a soft spot for wacky, overly complex tavern brawls based on the Hateful Eight? Most of my reviews of recent Lotfp outings have been fairly critical, negative even, and rightfully so because its output is crap. 3rd party Lotfp on the other hand…

        • Edgewise says:

          There, don’t you feel better, now? The good news is that this condition is treatable, but the bad news is that the cure is kind of …rough. You need to seek out some well-used undergarments of the aforementioned Raggi and huff the fumes until you obtain a visionquest from the thunderbird. From there, simply follow the instructions of this wise and ancient spirit and you will be cured. You can thank me when you have fully recovered from the procedure.

    • Shuffling Wombat says:

      That review makes a number of good points: we are in WFRP/Solomon Kane territory; interesting unique magic item, and well-named tough foe; the aftermath (and the backstory) may well be the best part. If they survive the combat and investigations, the party have some real problems to solve/explaining to do. And that could make for some fun play.
      I’d agree with Bryce that it is on the thin side, but nowhere near “Do not buy ever” status.

  4. Bigby's Affirmative Consent Lubed Fist says:

    Nothing quite says ‘Call to Adventure’ like a cover featuring a goo monster with a prominently placed butthole.

    What hath Raggi wrought?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like when critical minds disagree with each other. I know P Stew tried to organize a Gabor v Bryce off talking about things they differ on. Never happened but here is hoping P Stew tries again.

    I know he is streaming more in light of DCO V2

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please dig into this is my point

  7. madmattuk says:

    I ran this as an encounter in my campaign and it worked brilliantly. The better the party do initially, the worse it works out for them in the end (no spoiler!). One piece of loot caused highly entertaining havoc in the rest of the campaign.

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