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The Witch, The Shepherd, His Goats and their Daughter

By James Mishler, Jodi Moran-Mishler James Mishler Games Shadowdark Levels 1-2 Help the Shepherd find his Goats and Daughter who have been kidnapped by the Witch of the Woods. The woods are home to all manner of strange, fearsome, and … Continue reading

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The Honest and Plain Village of Scio

By G Edward Patterson III The Skull as a Complete Gentleman Company S&W Levels 1-4 This 73 page booklet describes a town and then also a small, dozen-ish room dungeon. The town is absurd, in the best way possible for … Continue reading

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Lamia Temple

By DMDave, Ninetoes82 Self Published 5e Level 3 To the locals, the Temple of Healing is a myth, a cautionary tale they tell their children. The legend says that the temple appeared one day on the edge of the desert. … Continue reading

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