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By Daniel DeFazio B&W Media Generic (no stats) Ingolstadt, Bavaria – 1799 Elizabeth Lavenza is searching for her fiancé Victor Frankstein. Cholera has taken the lives of many citizens of the city and the streets are crammed with fear. Amidst … Continue reading

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Night of Blood and Teeth

By Shane Lacey Hensley Pinnacle Entertainment Savage Worlds It begins with a shipwreck on a cold, gray night in Lankhmar. The Temple of the Shark God has come to Lankhmar. They teach “the Way of Predation,” an extreme version of … Continue reading

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Slime Cave of Norwal

By James Introcaso, Sean Van Damme, Jeff Stevens Self Published Zweihander Basic Tier Anthla Tremal leads the Cult of Slugidor, the ancient deity of oozes. She brought the cult to the caves five days ago after learning Orthive’s tower was … Continue reading

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