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Hoard of Delusion

By Mark Ahmed, Sean Ahmed, Scot Hoover Axe mental Productions OSRIC Levels 1-4 Hidden below the Black Fen lies the fabled Hoard of Delusion. This 117 page adventure presents a village, wilderness region, and fifty room four level dungeon. It’s … Continue reading

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Night Crystal Pass

By Matt Kline Creations’ Edge Games S&W Levels 2-4 You’ve been hired by Silver Hammer Trading to investigate a river trade route, running through Night Crystal Pass, that has fallen into disuse. Unfortunately, the dwarves they send along as observers … Continue reading

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All Through the Long, Dark Night (5e)

By William Fischer Sneak Attack press 5e level 1 In generations past, the villagers of Widderspire marked the eve of the winter solstice by leaving out gifts for a fey creature named Ember John. After the Aruandans conquered the Runewild, … Continue reading

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