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The Stolen Child

By Dave Tackett QuasarDragon Games OSR Levels 7-9 The pleasant town of Sligo has its tranquility shattered when a young boy vanishes in the middle of the night. Investigating the disappearance, the characters discover lost ruins and an ancient plot … Continue reading

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(5e) The Abandoned Temple in the Witch Wood

By Streaming Consciousness Studios LLC Streaming Consciousness Studios LLC 5e Level 1 Nestled deep in the mountains is the Witch Wood. Far from the civilizations of men, elves and dwarves is a small temple dedicated to the Goddess of the … Continue reading

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Abandoned Glacial Rift of Blurut of the Crepuscular Claw

By Thomas Denmark Night owl Publishing Labyrinth Lord Levels 4-7 The frozen lands are dominated by Blurut of the Crepuscular Claw and he has laid plans to expand his reign and dominate the realms. Can the adventurers infiltrate his lair … Continue reading

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