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The Warrens of Zagash

By Keith Sloan XRP OSRIC Levels 6-8 […] A recently acquired treasure map points to an ancient dwarven tunnel complex. Could this be the place? Are these the dangerous halls that were once the home for a dwarven cult worshipping … Continue reading

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(5e) Blacksmith’s Folly

By Brett Bloczynski Encoded Designs 5e Low levels … With this hope Marion searched the dusty library in her home and found the long-forgotten diaries of Samuel. Marion learned that Samuel did indeed imprison a Lamplighter with the intention of … Continue reading

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The Trials of a Young Wizard

By Simon Miles Dunromin University press OSRIC Level 1 Fresh-faced and more than a little hung-over our newly graduated mage of the great Dunromin College of Magic and his friends step into the tea-room next to the Porter’s Lodge and … Continue reading

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