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The Brigade

By Brian Fitzpatrick & Vincent Florio Moebius Adventures Mazes & Perils/OSR Levels 1-2 Your heroes have come to the village of Nubonne on the borders of Domerre and Orde to help the villagers stop vicious attacks by giant wolves and … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #124

Erik Mona The Whispering Cairn Level 1 Part 1 of a promised 12-part Age of Worms adventure path. And a mixed bag. There’s dungeon where you meet a ghost that wants you to bury his bones with his family. In … Continue reading

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The Sinister Tunnels of Greenfields

By Laurent B De Architecturart Generic Level 1-3 You will find with “The Sinister Tunnels of GREENFIELDS” a sorcerer, terrible rituals, forgotten dungeons …. and a little more than that. This seventeen page “adventure” in a village is more of … Continue reading

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