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Bryce Lynch

Too often we have to make a purchasing decision based on a couple of sentences in a publisher marketing announcement. The purpose of these reviews is to provide more information about these products so you can make an intelligent decision about buying the product.

  • I buy everything I review. No exceptions.
  • Contact me at bryce0lynch@gmail.com  (that’s a ZERO in there.)
  • I archive all of my reviews at RPGgeek. I believe that its association with BGG means it has the best chance to survive the transitory nature of the Internet.
  • Drop me a line if you’re going to be in Indianapolis!


The Pretty Girl Reviewer

Oft called a, “Dungeons and Dragons Evangelist”, The Pretty Girl believes everyone should be playing D&D and therefore accommodates her interpretation of modules to the possibility that there should be a player group and GM who could derive value from a module… unless it is quite bad.

The major difference between The Pretty Girl and Bryce in interpretation is that she prizes substance over creativity: she’s very busy and likes to buy modules to make running games easier.

She likes: Second Edition modules, Third Edition play style, Fifth Edition rules, playing a Bard, running games for new players, Demon Lord, and painting minis.

7 Responses to About Bryce …

  1. Ben A says:

    Just discovered your site and I love it. The archives will be giving me ideas for month. Will you be running any games at or during Gen Con this year?

  2. Bryce Lynch says:

    Sadly, no. It’s a Family Con, so I play what my kids want to play.

  3. George says:

    Hi Bryce, I really enjoy your reviews! I wanted to ask you, what are the retro-clone systems you are currently playing/have played/rate the most? I’m a 2nd ed guy, and with this whole OSR movement, suddenly there is a treasure trove of interesting modules out there. Since I never played the older editions, I don’t have a strong affinity for a particular iteration. I wanted to ask you for your recommendation: would I get the most out of picking three separate clones – one for OD&D, one for BD&D and one for AD&D 1st ed? Or could I kill 3 birds with one stone with something like Castles & Crusades? Also, I’d like to draw your attention to this ruleset: http://rolesrules.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/new-52-pages-draft-download.html
    I played it in a convention with the guy who made it, and really enjoyed it. You might find it interesting. All the best, and keep these reviews coming!

  4. Bryce Lynch says:

    52 is pretty cool.

    I like Basic D&D/Magenta the best, but, in actuality, I like rules light systems and tend to run everything the same way anyway. Black Hack, Basic, and 5e are what I use the most these days, depending on how much I have to market. Everything but 4 is pretty much the same anyway, except for the power curve.

  5. designbot says:

    Hi, Bryce. Is there a reason you don’t link to product purchase pages in your reviews? I always find myself futilely clicking the thumbnail and then combing through Google.

  6. Wayne Goldsmith says:

    Thank you so much for your reviews. I really appreciate you wading through the muck to find us gold nuggets.

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