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The Book and The Spring

By Christopher Letzelter Anachronistes Press OSRIC Levels 4-7 PC’s get more than they bargained for when they undertake a quest to destroy a recently-captured tome of black magic. Standing in their way are an unforgiving desert, a cursed and ruined … Continue reading

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The Valley of Karaccia

By Matthew Evans Mithgarthy Entertainment B/X Levels 1-2 Responding to a flier promising payment for kobold heads, the party gathers in the town of Brink. From there, they set out on an expedition to the Crimson Caverns, a known kobold … Continue reading

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Tales of Highcliff Gard

By Simon Todd Monti-Dots Creation OSRIC Low Levels The Tales of Highcliff Gard contains complete mapped building descriptions of the valley of Highcliff Gard, each with their own adventure hooks, characters and their histories and at least two full dungeon … Continue reading

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