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Flying Fortress of the Celestial Order

By Radulf St. Germain Studio St. Germain OSR? Generic? 5e? “Lower Levels” The  city of  Shallow Bay  is preparing for  the greatest social  event of the year when  an eagerly-expected shipment of ball gowns goes missing. Rumors abound of goblins … Continue reading

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An Easy Task

By FEI Games Inc FEI Games B/X Levels 3-5 A group of minotaurs have moved into the area. A farmer spotted them at the ruins down the road and now the locals want them gone. I don’t know man. Really, … Continue reading

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(5e) The Secret of Cedar Peak

By Hein Ragas Capybarbarian 5e Level 1 Kingshold is a sleepy garrison town at the edge of the kingdom. Bertu Arnels, the respected herbalist in town, sent out an expedition to Cedar Peak Forest, about a day’s travel across the … Continue reading

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