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No Rest for the Wicked

By J. Stuart Pate lotFP LotFP Low levels The year is 1632 and the wars of religion engulf Europe. Can you imagine it? A war so total, everywhere you have ever known and everywhere you might know is touched by … Continue reading

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(5e) The Webbed Herring

By David Stapleton, Michael Looney, Keegan Brown LNC Sages 5e Level 3 Deep within the forest there are rumors of fell canyon, a place of danger. A small stream runs out of the forest. It is said that following this … Continue reading

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The Warren

By Simon Miles Dunromin University Press OSRIC Levels 5-8 Baron Ketterall’s lands are beset by a plague of marauding goblins! Goblins you say? Pah! Who’s afraid of a few poxy goblins? But two experienced parties have already gone looking for … Continue reading

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