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Forgotten Shrine of the Savior

By Malrex Self-published/Merciless Merchants OSR Levels 6-8 This adventure is designed to be dropped in anywhere, whether by a nearby town, or deep underground. The shrine was constructed in honor of a four armed titan known as The Savior. This … Continue reading

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The Cistern of the Three-Eyed Dwarves

By Grutzi Tiny Pink Tentacle Publishing OSR Levels 3-4 … Lightning strikes unaturally often, sometimes even from a clear sky, people have strange dreams and all metal seems to be charged, throwing sparks at the slightest touch. There have even … Continue reading

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(5e) Creeping Cold

By Ian McGarty and Jayson Gardner Silver Bulette 5e Levels 1-5 In Creeping Cold, the players find themselves trapped at a remote waystop with a group of travellers and employees. As the days creep into nights, a mystery unfolds as … Continue reading

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