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RPGPundit Present #5 – The Child Eaters

By RPGpundit Precis Intermedia Dark Albion Meh. This eleven page “adventure” details a witch cult in a small village. It’s more of an outline, as if you were describing an adventure idea to a friend over a beer. There’s a … Continue reading

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Mysteries in Mannath

By Thom Wilson ThrowiGames S&W Levels 1-2 The small village of Mannath is faced with several different issues, but lacks the resources to solve them properly. The mayor of the small hamlet, Hans Kildor, is eagerly seeking outside help and … Continue reading

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(53) 5th Edition Funnel

By Ken Sturgis Ten Red Crows Place 5e 0-Level Trouble at the door. Something in town is dangerously wrong, and there is no one to bail you out. The grave quest falls to you and your friends. You are under-equipped, … Continue reading

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