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Dungeon Magazine #116

Palace of the Twisted King By Phillip Larwood Level 5 Three encounters in an abandoned desert waypost with five menlocks. They do hit & run tactics on the party. It’s trying to create a creepy vibe, and has some decent … Continue reading

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Shadows Grip

By Jim Baney KnightVision Games Labyrinth Lord Levels 2-3 Kobolds and Goblins living together? What has the world come to? This is a very simple ten page/sixteen room cave complex with kobolds and goblins. The actual rooms are split over … Continue reading

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Black Orc Down

By Kieran Brannan Point Pony Basic D&D Levels 1-3 Nobody else wanted to take on a job of helping out an orc, but if their gold is good then who cares … right? Black Orc Down puts the party on … Continue reading

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