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The Red Prophet Rises

By Malrex & PrinceofNothing 2e/Gold&Glory Merciless Merchants Levels 3-5 Trouble stirs in the Borderlands. Khazra, Red Prophet of the Bull God, has united the fractious People of the Bull and proclaimed the promised time is nigh. The Bull God demands … Continue reading

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Kidnap the Archpriest

By Skerples Self Published Systemless Low Levels The Archpriest, leader of the Church, has defied a summons to the Immortal Capital. You have been chosen to retrieve the recalcitrant pontiff. Disclosure: This went through my content partner service. This 54 … Continue reading

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Operation Unfathomable

By Jason Sholtis Hydra Cooperative S&W Level 1- BEHOLD!!! the Underworld in all its bewildering majesty as titanic Chaos godlings and their unsavory cults make genocidal war upon one another! EXPLOIT!!! a trail of dead horrors supplied by the recent, … Continue reading

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The Hyqueous Vaults

By [Various] OSRIC Level 3 A centuries-old map leads to a mysterious cliffside complex, rumored to be flooded, and supposedly holding a dead necromancer’s fortune. Sages believe the arm-length metal implement accompanying the map must be some sort of key. … Continue reading

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Grave of the Heartless

by M. Greis Greis Games Labyrinth Lord Level 3-4 A curse is upon the land. In the old barrow long forgotten a forgotten general awaits trying to confront death, and until heroes can guide his way, the land suffers. This … Continue reading

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By Karel M Coiled Sheet of Lead 1e Levels 1-4 Legends of a “mountain of gold” provoke a mad scramble for a mysterious book laden with clues to find certain statues around the city, which themselves hold additional clues leading … Continue reading

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Dungeon Full of Monsters

By Johnstone Metzger Red Box Vancouver Labyrinth Lord Levels 1- EDIT: The morning after writing this review I feel guilty. MAN, I’m a hard ass these days! The first 10% of this was a turn off and some of the … Continue reading

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Fever Swamp

By Luke Gearing Melsonian Arts Council LotFP/All D&D Level ? The air is moist. The moisture mixes with your sweat — the heat is relentless. The drone of insects gives you headaches, and the fever from the infected wounds has … Continue reading

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The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper

By Ben Laurence Necrotic Gnome Productions Labyrinth Lord Level … 4? This is a 25 page adventure in the From the Vats zine. It describes a five level dungeon with 32 rooms of a sunken palace/home of a LONG dead … Continue reading

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The Towers of the Weretoads

By Michael Raston Gorgzu Games Labyrinth Lord Level 1? Are you in need of a breeding factory that spews out torrents of mutated weretoads into your campaign world? Do your adventurers enjoy exploring slimy, wet ruins inhabited by depraved, vile … Continue reading

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