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Campfire Tale

By Mark Craddock Cross Planes Games Studio Black Hack/Labyrinth Lord Levels 1-3 Uh …. This eleven page “adventure’ details one encounter, a forest clearing. I think not.This review is going to suck because there’s nothing in this “adventure” to review. … Continue reading

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The Castle that Fell from the Sky

Steve Robertson & Jimm Johnson Self Published OSR Levels 3-5 Even in the far gulfs of space, the struggle of Law against Chaos, Good versus Evil is eternal. But wherever evil is not extinguished, it will revive to exact vengeance … Continue reading

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(5e) The Deadly Den of the Wanton Wolf

By Talbot S. Raiche Self Published 5e Level 3 The people of Yarlstone are afraid to go into the woods at night. It started with an increase in poaching, but soon merchants and guardsmen were found dragged from the trails … Continue reading

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The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor

By Tim Callahan North Wind Adventures AS&SH Levels 4-6 Your party have travelled northeast from the great city of Khromarium, through the unforgiving expanse known as the Lug Wasteland. You undoubtedly seek greater riches in the north: ruined tombs secreting … Continue reading

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(5e) Saint Floras Grounded Circus

Joseph Avery & Walter Haynes Sin ‘n’ Strut Productions 5e Level 7 The circus is in town and with it is an settling group of carneys. The show in the big top where death defying acts all seem to be … Continue reading

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Stjernheim – The Siege of Deepknell Hold

By Ben Dutter Sigil Stone Publishing Apoc/B/X This 42 page mess is an non-linear sandbox style adventure, or so the adventure tells us, repeatedly. Non-linear by the standards of Apocalypse Engine, maybe, but not when compared to anything above “dreck’ … Continue reading

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Through Ultan’s Door #1

By Ben Laurence Through Ultan’s Door OSR Go through Ultan’s door in this inaugural issue into the Ruins of the Inquisitor’s Theater, a 30 room dungeon replete with oneiric puddings, delicate shadow puppets, giggling white swine, and much more. This … Continue reading

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(5e) A Night in Seyvoth manor

By David Flor By Darklight Interactive 5e Level 6 …Throughout the years, the village has had its share of disappearances; most of them had been blamed on the harsh environment of the surrounding forest and the natural dangers of the … Continue reading

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The Sunken Fort

Nickolas Z Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Levels 1-4 On the edge of a swamp beneath an old forest lay an even older fort, constructed for some ancient and unknowable purpose. The shadows are stronger here, and the scent of madness … Continue reading

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Murder Knights of Corvendark

By Glynn Seal MonkeyBlood Design Swords & Wizardry Level 4 No one knows from where they came. All feathers and spite. Their vile beaks spit angry screeches, and beneath their wing beats, acrid miasmas swirl. […] Since the coming of … Continue reading

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