Should be playing D&D instead
Commodore said:
I'll take an F or two. One with the Glass Gippoli, one with some ruins and an Indiana Jones/Belloc things?
Sounds good ;)
Just open a thread for Task F and dump your stuff in there.
I would take one Task F location too ... I'll use the Monastery concept from above to get something together.
Commodore said:
Vertical/interesting geography both macro and micro
That was one of our Must Haves so I'm thinking that the whole monastery was build into the steep side of a mountain, connected with rope ladders, bridges and steps built directly into the mountain side.


Should be playing D&D instead
I don't know if anybody claimed Task C (the Third Starting Settlement), but if you did, know that I've got one in development over at the GTC forum, so we need to hash some tuff out.


My my my, we just loooove to hear ourselves don't we?
I got all excited for the resurrection of the Vanished Wastes! :cry: