Foundations: Defining the Baseline

Should we create a Hex-Crawl or a Point-Crawl?

  • Hex-Crawl

  • Point-Crawl

  • I'm fine with both

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Cool names all of them.
My votes go to:
The Bloodrock Excavation Guild
The Tenth Imperial Decree
The Royal Expeditionary Guild

The Death Tide
The Unfair Ones
The Takers

A few from my side:

Real name:
The Edict of Prosperity
The Nightshade Brethren
The Cabal of the blessed Masters
The three Hands of Charos

Exile Names:
The Obsessed
The Slick
The bent Ones


Should be playing D&D instead
I like some form of Guild
or just The Guild

and on the other side:
The Guild
When I hear "The Guild", my mind goes either to The Guild, or The Guild of Calamitous Intent

But then, I'm a big ol' nerd, so yeah...

I like The Takers and The Obsessed, as well as The Edict of Prosperity.

I have a slight issue with combining "Royal" with "Guild", because Royal implies a mandate by the monarchy to perform some task, but Guild implies more of a free-market collective (like a Union). Also the term "Guild" is a bit played out in RPG adventures IMO.

If I may proctor some suggestions as synonyms that work better in conjunction with "Royal" to take the place of the word "Guild": Regiment, Corps, Force, Company, Group,or Detachment. Synonyms for that work with "Guild" to convey a similar meaning as the "Royal" moniker: Sanctioned, Official, His Majesty's, some number (like "Tenth"), Recognised, Free, or Decreed.
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The Edict of Prosperity and just The Edict are pretty damn sweet. Their detractors can call them The Dicts :p


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@Ice brings up a good point in another thread: what sort of tech level is the lost civilization? I pictured something more advanced than the standard medieval stuff (but not that much more, like Renaissance-era type stuff), which sort of gives off a "these guys are more advanced, how the heck did they fail where we are succeeding?" vibe, as well as making things found in their ruins important due to a technological progress (lost advancements). But I can also see it going the other way, where they are much more primitive, but because they used lost magic or something, their stuff is alien and different.

What do you guys think?


Should be playing D&D instead
I think they should be on the same level (or slighty more advanced) than our "normal" folks in almost all areas except in one or two in which they are lightyears ahead of anyone else.
A kind of specialization taken to the extreme. This specialization then in turn shaped their whole civ into strange directions.
Maybe the were absolute geniuses when it came to transportation and transmutation magic, but that in turn led them to believe that nothing was ever real as anything was easily changeable. Thus they became some kind of nihilists that seeked real truth in other dimensions and higher spheres ... or something like that.


My my my, we just loooove to hear ourselves don't we?
Yeah, slightly more advanced with one or two types of hyper-advanced alienist magic. The seed-vault implies plant and animal alteration to create structures, tools, weapons and labour.