Treasures of the Factions


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Let's throw down a few items valued by each group, so we can all be on the same page with regards to rewards and whatnot in our designs.

I think we are presuming the Exiles work on the gold standard - do we want this to be the case, or would it be better if we came up with a unique currency for our region to replace precious metals? I can go either way on it, but let us know if you are planning something specific (like trading in script notes, or "faces", or I.O.Us, or little tokens with minor prestidigitation effects or something).

Do they have an abundance of iron/steel, or is that rare for them? If so, prices will need to be adjusted accordingly, but I don't want to rip off Dark Sun too much. Maybe blacksmiths are held in super high regard in their communities?

Glass Grippli
They value the bones of their dead (pretty cool), but what else do they value? Gemstones? Gold? Special types of mud? Is steel worth a premium to them, but they can only trade for it with beads, meaning the Exiles can't really get rich doing arms trading with the Grippli? Get some ideas flowing.

What sort of magic do they have? I like the idea of primitive groups using a lot of potions made from natural ingredients but prepared in a supernatural way, but that's just one opinion. Do they have a writing system that allows for scrolls? Can they make magic wands from ancestral bones? What do they use for weapons - (Bronze age weapons? Bone and rock weapons? Biological weapons?)

Lost Civilisation
First, we gotta come up with a name for these guys.

But furthermore, what did they value? I'd like to think that they didn't care for precious metal - they seem too alien for such a mundane currency, and it would be hilarious if the only gold/platinum things that players find are common household things like gold chamber pots and platinum shoelaces. Maybe gemstones? Or steel bars stamped with something (making their "coins" virtually worthless to modern adventurers, which suits me fine because honestly who leaves a bunch of coins laying around)? From what I've gathered so far, they didn't value steel so much as they were just really amazing with it, inventing stainless steel way earlier than everyone else. I think Lost Civ weapons would make for good treasure, crafted from the hardest steel in impossible forms.

What about their magic? We didn't really settle on a tech level for these guys beyond "really high tech in some areas, and normal in others" - could their form of magic be that old adage: whatever is sufficiently advanced technologically is indistinguishable from magic? So that their magic is just really good technology, or is that deviating too much from what we think they should be (making them too sci-fi)? Do they have scrolls? Do they value information?

Another one we need to settle on the name for. I'd say it's pretty clear what they value - slaves. Good opportunity for evil parties to make some coin. They probably value little else - I'd wager they have a ton of money as a whole organisation, but individuals would be susceptible to bribery by the same stuff as everybody else. Their big treasure is leads - further sites for the party to explore/loot, caravans for them to ambush, and warehouses for them to heist. But also the best treasure that the party can hope to gain from the Conglomerate is a way to slow them down: intel on their operations, and ideas for how to strike at them (also valuable for Resistance groups). Their soldiers would likely be carrying standard-issue gear, so I don't think there's much "treasure" for the party to gain from individual encounters, but rather the rewards come from robbing the organisation of their finds.

Other Groups
Throw some ideas in here for whatever other faction you're thinking of too, especially if you want the rest of us to start "seeding" their valuables into our independent parts.
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Groundwater Cultists
Are extremely self-sufficient but resource poor. They are very good at repairing, repurposing and recycling things but greatly treasure workable commodities like metal and wood or new tools, armour and weapons. Gold has value to them now that they've reopened a trade route but they don't have a lot of use for frivolous luxuries like gems and jewelry.
They're a superstitious lot, but treasured above all are water-related arcana and artifacts or relics of the Groundwater Deity for which they will bargain vigorously or even resort to violence if they have to.


Should be playing D&D instead
Gold standard seems ok for me. I mean they are exiled, banished or fleed to the zone for whatever reasons. Cultures like that seem to "cling" to their past and sometimes even worship it (good old days and glories of the past).
They could cling to the old currency because it is practical and sentimental.
I love the idea that blacksmiths are highly valued by them. They surely would've gotten their basics together by now, yet good weapons and tools are the backbone of their society so a good smith is as valuable as 10 men.
Throw in a good bit of barter and other coinless trade (exchange of promises or something like that) and we're good I think.
I think steel/weapons/armor should all be pretty standard in this culture. Allows us to gently introduce the players to the weirdnes of the setting: Start in a normal exile culture and explore into the stranger parts from there.
An idea I had for the Carcass starting location was that luxury items are a real rarity here. While the exiles have everything they need to live a normal life, they have almost none of the good stuff that makes life really worth living.
They have some rather poor beers, but no real wine.
All clothes are leather, wool or hemp ... but no silk.
And so on.
Arnlaug would be special because he has connections into the old world and can get the "good stuff" into the zone ... which makes im powerful and beloved to some.
I imagine him being the only source of real sugar and pepper for example ... so every tavern would want to get on his good side.
On the other hand we could have some hidden smugglers trying to get their own trade with luxury items going.


One thing I always liked about rough and wild cultures in which travel itself is dangerous is the special place hospitality holds in that culture.
Maybe our exile culture has evolved similar mechanisms to ensure safe passage through the lands.

Glass Grippli
Love the bones thing. Right now I'm thinking slightly alien but relatable for the Gripplis. Their use of bones implies to me some form of ancestors worship. Maybe they themselves don't use any form of currency but rather your standing is determinded by your ancestors and your own deeds. The more prestige you gain the more entitled to stuff you are.
I'd love it if theyd have some kind of taboo against certain materials or stuff. How about this:
As they remember the Ancient Ones and how they shaped the land in ages past they have a strong aversion against anything that comes from below the ground. Everything they use is cultivated aboveground .... mud and hay for their huts, bamboo or something similar for their weapons ...
Weapons should be primitive in make (wood and bamboo, stone, no metal) but coated in potent poisons and tinktures from their alchemists.
If we go with the ancetor worship I think it would work very well if all their magic was basically summoning of ancestors to help them. The Bones could be used as focal points for that.
Another way we could go is elemental magic according to their make or the color of their bones (red - fire, blue - water, brown- earth, yellow - air).
Or a general elemental affinity for air and water with an aversion to earth and fire.
In general I think their magic should have a hefty dose of mysticism and shamanism and deeply hidden within their doctrine/worldview a good part of the knowledge about/from the ancient civ.

Lost/ancient Civ
I'll write my part on them in the other Thread ;)

General disregard for human life, seeing humans and others only as a ressource sounds good.
Agreed with pretty much all of DPs points on the these guys.
One thing to add:
While their normal troops might not carry much treasure, their "special forces" could have access to advanced magic/technology that could help a party a good deal if they get their hands on.


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The Glass Grippili should greatly value transparent glass and crystal items, which they are unable to make themselves; as well as transparent gemstones. They place a general value upon openness and revealing what is within, and have difficulty reading vocal cues and body language from races if they can't see their organs. For this reason they are frequently taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.


Conglomerate slavers should have the best reward of all: Freed slaves. Hielings or allies, that's every player's favorite resource.