The Great Project: Name and Logo Thread


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As our subforum might still take a little while to come around with Bryce being busy and all ... Let's get some stuff done in the general Workshop.
Bryce and Prince have heard us and given us this nifty little space to go wild ;)


The great Project
We need a kickass/awesome/beautiful name and a logo that will burn itself into the visual cortex of anyone seeing it for the first time.
So heres our thread to brainstorm ideas for a name and a logo.

How are we doing this?
Name first, then logo.
We gather all possible names here for a certain time, then everyone taking part in the project gets to vote.
The name with the most votes wins (simple majority).
With a name choosen we can go for a logo.
Anyone can mock up a sample logo or describe what he/she imagines it should look like.
As with the name we gather all contributions for a time and then vote between them.
Whatever gets most votes becomes our logo.
Done :)

The official Part
Any name proposal can be posted in this thread from today (23.06.2019) until Wednesday (26.06.2019) 20:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
I will collect all proposals in the following post for ease of reference.
Everyone can propose a name, but only those who are taking part in the project get a vote. (See list in other thread.)
The voting will be open until Friday 28.06.2019 20:00 UTC.
After that the final name will be unveiled ;)
The proposal phase for logos will then be open until Tuesday 02.07.2019 20:00 UTC.
And then we vote again until Thursday 04.07.2019 20:00 UTC.

So we have a few days to propose things then two days to vote respectively. This should work for everyone I think as most of us are on here at least once a day. If not, drop me a message and we can work something out ... while I want to get this done rather quickly to get to work on the "real stuff" we should all remember rule number one: We do this for fun.
And we are in no rush, so shifting the dates back a few days shouldn't be a big deal.
We'll see.

What after?
When a name and a logo have been choosen we need to discuss who among us makes the logo into a final, cleaned up version.
It might be wise to discuss some basics for a "Corporate Identity" like a color scheme, Fonts and such stuff.
But we'll come to that when the time is right ;)
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Name Proposals

Lynch Mob
Immoral Punks
Tranquility of Anger
Mini Illusions
Grouchy Veterans
Angry Thugs
Society of the Lewd
Dark Primeval
Cosmic Fluke
Unseen Council
Doom Crew
The Denim Disciples
New Haven Cooperative
Old Ruins League
The Grand Rebellion
New Start Coalition
Optimistic Adventures
Cosmic Circus
The Freaks
Operation Market Stall
Order of the Moving Hand
Game Theory Collective
Game Theory Cooperative
Obviously Superior Releases
Wandering Terror Foundation
Innovative Adventure Initiative
The Damage Dealers

Logo Proposals

Done by DangerousPuhson for the name Game Theory Cooperative
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My my my, we just loooove to hear ourselves don't we?
Dude, that logo is crafty. I love it! Is there a way to do it in a b&w woodcut style?


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Possibly? I'll have to play around with some Photoshop filters when I get home (Greyscale and then Photocopy, most likely)


Should be playing D&D instead
A few ideas of mine:

Three letter ideas:

Obviously Superior Releases
As DP hates OSR smugness I couldn't resist ;P

Wandering Terror Foundation
Ok, I'll stop now.

Innovative Adventure Initiative
I picture a logo where the first I is a sword, the A is a wizards hat and the second I is a staff.

Some random stuff:

The Damage Dealers


TIRDTP5EF might be a mouthful to say but I think the core principle is something we can all agree on:23


Should be playing D&D instead
Lol, never change Slick


No seriously, never change. It will be much easier for us to identify who to send off to the camps when "the time comes"...


I've played quite a few games of 5E. It's not a badly designed game, it's just for scrubs.

Moldvay/LabLord is the game that hasn't been given a fair shake by the majority of D&D players.


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Quick reminder:
We all have 24 hours left to propose names for our little group of merry designers.
After that we begin to vote on a final name.


Should be playing D&D instead
We vote for a name from now on until Friday 28.06.2019 20:00 UTC.

All possible choices are listed in the second post of this thread.

The forum does support polls, but sadly we simply have to many choices :/
So instead each of the following members gets one vote which he/she can cast by posting his/her choice in this thread.

List of Participants

Simple majority wins.
After the name is choosen we can go on to create a kickass logo.
Let's do it people ;)