Ranger's Hideout


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I was out hiking yesterday with the family. It got me thinking about D&D (usually does).
That whole journey/exploration thing.

Looking at this:
Got me thinking about your Ranger's Hideout vibe. It's there (in a sense)---that stream---in what you wrote.

Then a realization hit me based on one of your posts --- YOU ARE A RANGER! (Duh!)

I can totally see why you might want to bring a sense of this environment to the table, and I think it should be applauded. I'd say lean into it HARD. Convey the scope of the Great Outdoors--the spectacle and unstructured environment of the untamed woods and rugged mountains. Make it so that all the other character-classes are struggling to keep up, while your budding ranger slips lightly through his home turf.

Something more like this on your cover:
instead of Sir Kick-Ass.

Just a thought. Cheers!
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So ... slow work day? Every day?
Yes, I like to incorporate real stuff into my adventures. I have a druid adventure where it mixes plant/flower biology with an adventure. Because learning is fun damn it! Sometimes use scientific names for some of my monsters too...like the Zospeum in Trollback Keep https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zospeum_tholussum

Anyways...I took this adventure off Drivethru for now. I do plan to work on it...but I'm swamped helping PrinceofNothing with Palace of Unquiet Repose and Jonbar's big Coppercore adventure, and my Jellyfish adventure, and making Vermilion bigger, and....well I got a lot to do.