Question 2- Book Organization


i fucking hate writing ...
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All sections of the book should now have at least SOME text associated with them. Shitty, shitty, pre-1st draft text. I can clearly see the process to get to the final product, even if the rets of you can't. Trust the process ... that you can't see. :)

Next up is organizing the book. Feel free to give feedback on ...

What I'm thinking is:
Section 1 - Ease of Use
Section 2 - Evocative Writing
Section 3 - Interactivity
Section 4 - Genre Specific/grab bag/other (IE: D&D exploration, etc, specifics.)
Appendix 1 - The most common pushback to my advice (a good DM could, and Yeah, but ...)
Index - Cross references. MONSTER see p23 in ease of use, page 34 in evo, page 96 in interactivity, etc.

I'm breaking up with someone tonight, and, right after, buying some index cards to start the layout on my floor/wall to make moving things around easier. Then I'll do the work on the google doc to move the chapters around.

After that ... I start a "first draft" of each section of the book, in their new home. The "real" writing.