Micro-module: werebats

Two orcs

Officially better than you, according to PoN
Something I adapted quickly from material I wrote for my own table. Is this worthwhile material for the discerning DM? Full text and maps available in the preview.

Some thoughts:
•Broadly speaking, I like the idea of including these pre-made encounter ideas with a bestiary entry. So, what follows is just nitpicking.

•In the mini-scenario about the innkeepers trial, it would be helpful to provide some clues for the PC's to find.

•The potion of summon rats is amazing. However, a recent unfortunate run-in with a bag of magic beans in my home game tells me that you also need to include a provision for what happens when a PC ingests the potion. I propose that the rats spawn in the stomach, crawl up the esophagus, and emerge from the mouth, dealing damage along the way.

•Did you mean for "Wisdom, goddess of Wisdom & War" to use a more unique name (maybe one that starts with an "a" and rhymes with "arena")? You could have just called her "the Goddess of Wisdom & War," or "the Goddess Wisdom" (as you do later on), if not.

Two orcs

Officially better than you, according to PoN
I assume the DM fills out what the scenario would naturally lead to - sooty tracks on the roof, an autopsy revealing drained blood, witnesses who met the pilgrims etc. it's mostly a sketch.

Another way to do it is the rat swarm it attracted to the potion so they crawl down the throat of the character.

Maybe I should have changed the name, it's from a setting where a few gods have absorbed the functions of all others so only Wisdom and Cunning remain but rule many varied domains.