Kent Block


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Tenfootpole, as an ip, is preparing to block the following IP's. These belong to Vodofone Ireland, Digital Ocean, and someplace else, I forget.
Anyway, I caught at least one legit user in this so I'm backing off. But it's coming.

EDIT: It's in again. This essentially blocks all of Ireland. Kent moves around, using Digital Ocean and SImplyTransit IP's also. Those could be coming.
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Mr. Kent has done nothing wrong, and he is a pillar of the community. To ban him is to ban a piece of the old-school soul.


Sadly, I barely drink these days.

On another note, I believe this "Melan" fellow is not cut out to be a moderator, and would prefer not to take on that kind of burden. Just a hunch.


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Like some evil spirit, I am sure he will grace us with his company in the guise of a friendly traveller and deliver his scathing, foul invective before returning to the darkness that spawned him. Nevertheless, what better way to herald in the new forums!