Introducing the PrinceofNothingPresents No-Artpunk Contest!


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So my submission candidate is playtested, which means it's mostly keyed and the dungeon proper is mapped, at least. I'm realize as I go through the flavor of where it was set (1450's Ethiopia) comes through pretty strongly. Did you want the assumed setting to be at bog standard "Grey Forgotten Hawk Realms" for anthology purposes?
On vacation, so forgive shitty shortform reply. Please make it all as flavorful as you want. Flavor is a boon, not a hindrance.

Two orcs

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15 entries! If they are at least as good as mine this is a treasure trove.


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The quality is much better then anything I'd dared hope for. Some of these would not shame themselves in the galleries of Drivethru surely.


You seem to have a genuinely rough choice. I wonder how Bryce would do with most of these entries? I wonder how he'll like your eventual compilation, along with Melan.


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You seem to have a genuinely rough choice. I wonder how Bryce would do with most of these entries? I wonder how he'll like your eventual compilation, along with Melan.
I've already decided I'll publish both the winners AND the losers in a separate volume so my tastes may be weighed accordingly. There might be some ambiguity if I allow for minor edits to clear up some of the weak points but I don't expect any major problems.


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Congratulations Two Orcs! Sounds like stiff competition based on the reviews.

An exciting contest in a fun format that drew a lot of attention. Well done!


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So that my glory doesn't pass this forum by I wrote The Temple of Hypnos which was counted among the winners (though not top 2).
Awesome to hear man. That adventure seemed like one of the coolest entries, and one I'm really looking forward to - I think it would fit right into my home game and I'm anxious to have a look at it!


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You know we need the super secret Actual Ranking.
Super Secret Actual ranking. Please be kind and don't spread to save feelings:

1 - Caught in the Web of Past & Present
2 - Melonath Falls
3 - Temple of Hypnos - Very close with City of Bats. Points awarded for open-endedness of the scenario
4 - City of Bats
5 - Vault of the Warlord - Very close with Tower of the Time Master. Advantage because of the completeness and comparative sophistication
6 - Tower of the Time Master
7 - The Well
8 - Dust & Stars - Very close with Warlock Tower. Advantage awarded because of the potential of the device + originality

Here the criteria fizzle out. Some are good for their page count but not very good compared to the winner, others are good but don't quite match the criteria of the contest, some are unfinished etc. Valley of Karaccia would easily win if the contest was to produce a faithful BECMI era module for example.

9 - Warlock Tower
10 - Sword & Sewercery
11 - Hells Own Temple - Good but short?
12 - Atlantean Palace Dungeon
13 - Tomb of the Sorcerer - About the point where entries are still good but either have some deficiencies or diverge from the competition too much
14 - Valley of Karaccia
15 - The Long Hall
16 - Baleful Bastion of the Beastly Boys - A perfectly respectable entry, but doing an Orc Lair requires serious gutzpah because of the number of expectionally good Orc Lairs already in circulation
17 - The Inverted Pyramid of Hankjawin - Actual position probably 8-9 but it violates too much of the contest stipulations, and making it compliant with the contest would do violence to it.
18 - Crypts of Zuul - Unfinished and very Artpunky, as in Hankjawin. Very good if it were completed.
19 - The Fallen Titan and the Necromancer - Incomplete and by a beginner. Certainly no shame in that.


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You mentioned a new charity for part 2 Prince this is a great resource !

I go a or a+ dnd adjacent. Arneson and Gary died too young due I believe to bad health principalities in RPG culture.

Pathfinder international
Helen Keller org does good work
Honestly anything here