Advise on Running G1


8, 8, I forget what is for
Sounds like a nearly perfect encounter!

EDIT: I think you made the right call on the lightning bolt, assuming AD&D. Per the spell description, the bolt does not originate at the caster, but rather at some point designated by the caster within range - which could in this case be on the other side of the bars. It then continues in a path 1" wide and 4" long (for a forking bolt), or 0.5" wide and 8" long (for a single bolt).

Of course, the tough part of placing a lightning bolt is when the bolt is too long and it bounces off the back wall...

On a final note, my son (and chief risk-taker in party) has just moved out to the West Coast to work in Silicon Valley, so I am not sure if there will be anymore family D&D nights after this. There was a bittersweet feeling to that past session, ending over a decade of continuous campaign play.
You may have to learn to use a virtual tabletop.
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