5. Inspiration Generator


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I'm going to shift over and talk about the room keys now. I have a random file, that uses inspiration pad pro 3, to generate room "inspiration." I then take that file and use it to generate the keys. You give it the dungeon level and how many rooms and it generates a file. It's based on the 1e DMG, Courtney's tables, books, stuff from Sham, and a few other sources. I've attached a sample file for Level 4 of the dungeon.

I try to keep them "in order" for the most part, swapping on average a pair or two rooms per level. I also ignore A LOT of whats present. I'll take the file, make a quick pass through it to trim fat, give me an initial overview, then make a second pass that's an initial dscription. This pass tends to riff on what I've seen elsewhere in the dungeon. The third pass cleans up the language. More on that in the next post.

Trivia: there are a LOT of shriekers that pop up in the 1e DMG. Or I've got a programming error.

The line at the bottom is how much treasure to place to ensure that, on average, the party levels. And Melan tells me it's too low, so I'll have to adjust by maybe +20% in the future.

EDIT: I think I just saw a blog post from someone that talks about wandering monster frequency. Here it is, from Delta's D&D Hot Spot (great theory site) promoting a spreadsheet from someone else. Lookit that Shrieker frequency! Bastards!