13. Level 2 Teases


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Motivating the players, as opposed to their characters, to engage can be hard but can result in some of the most rewarding play, imo. The players driving action can turn a mundane encounter in to a great one. Potential energy is multiplied.

My blunt example is the friendly ogre wearing a crown that turns his back to the (low level) party. He's an ally. He's powerful, and he's got some XP on him ... Temptation is DELICIOUS! On level 2 you can see this in several encounters.

  • Room 4 has the mob huddled over the chests, slamming them shut.
  • Room 16 has a bunch of bodies mixed in with obvious coin. Everyone knows whats gonna happen when you fuck with those bodies. And yet ... TREASURE ...
  • Room 35 has Karl the Troll. An open box full of coins, an overpowered opponent, and a potential "ally", in limited circumstances.